Ready to get off to a flying start with Instant Magazine? With our Kickstarter, you'll get the highest level of service and broadest range of support we offer so that you can get the results you need.

Our professionals will support you in numerous areas including content collection, the use of our editor, the initial layout of your first publication, pre-publishing checks, distribution, and data analytics.

In short, all the ingredients you need to make your publication a success.


Setting up your account

First things first. We’ll schedule a session with you to make sure your account gets set up properly.

This includes:

  • Adding users and determining their rights
  • Importing corporate style assets (e.g. fonts, logos, and colors)
  • Setting up your media library


Strategy session

Our customer success managers know what it takes to make a digital publication successful. During the online onboarding session, you'll answer a number of important strategic questions together. Things like:

  • What's the purpose of your publication?
  • Where does it fit into your communication mix?
  • What is your lead generation strategy?
  • What distribution channels will you use?
  • When should you consider your publication a success?

In this 30 minute online session, we'll help you solidify your publication's strategic objectives and identify relevant KPIs. Afterwards, you'll get a clear document outlining all that was discussed and decided upon.


Training session

The basics are out of the way, and now we want to ensure you're set up for long-term success. Our designers will give you an online training. You'll get hands-on experience as we guide you through the editor and make sure you understand everything you need to know regarding your account.

During this training session, you'll learn all the in's and out's of the editor as well as the basics of responsive design. If you need help setting up your custom domain or connecting your publication to Google Analytics, we’ll go over those details as well.


Designing your first publication

Our design professionals will develop your first publication (max 8 pages), in line with your house style. We'll ensure pages are included for every type of content you may need, including covers, index pages, long reads, video templates, etc.

You can use this publication as a blueprint for future editions.


Publication check

Your publication is finished and you’re ready to launch! But before you do, let our team do a quick review and final check. We'll look at many things, including:

  • Are all your links working as intended?
  • Does your publication look right on various screen sizes?
  • Is your custom domain set up properly?
  • Is Google Analytics set up correctly?


Distribution session

After publishing, it’s time to execute your distribution plan. Using a wide range of channels (email, social media, your website, QR codes, email signatures, etc.), we’ll make sure you maximize your reach. We also help you implement UTM tracking parameters for each channel so that traffic can be analyzed and properly attributed.


Analyzing the data

One month after publishing, we’ll provide a report that covers all the previously defined KPIs and details how your digital publication has performed thus far. In addition to the KPI's that were set in the onboarding session, we typically look at these common indicators:

  • Number of (unique) visitors
  • Statistics per page
  • Time spent in the publication
  • Pages where visitors exit your publication
  • Referral channels (Acquisition)
  • Most clicked links

You'll also receive tips for optimization and a brief tutorial on how to find all this information yourself in Google Analytics.

Are you excited yet?

With the Kickstarter, you can be sure that you're getting the most out of your Instant Magazine subscription. It's the perfect solution for those eager to maximize their results by drawing on the extensive expertise of our in-house teams.